Our Story

I am a firm believer that we should cherish our comfort zones - those places and spaces that make you feel warm and loved and taken care of. Whether it's a memory that you hold tight in times of uncertainty, or a treasured gift given to you by a loved one, finding ways to feel comfortable in an increasingly uncomfortable world is truly important to me.

I started knitting in 2015 because I needed a sense of comfort. I was living alone in a new city with no social circle and nothing to do besides work and I wasn’t working very much. On a whim, I saw a pair of needles and some yarn in the Target craft aisle, and from there I was hooked. When I have extra money to splurge on something, I go to the local yarn store. I devour YouTube Videos, books, blogs, articles, anything to help me hone in a new skill or technique. After a long day, I unwind by coming home and finding my spot on the couch and picking up my needles. I am always trying to improve my craft, from learning new stitches and patterns, to attempting and sometimes succeeding at making designs of my own.

Around 2018, I decided that I wanted to share this craft with others. I started by making small items for friends and family on holidays and special occasions. I discovered my love for a technique of knitting called Intarsia, and I started designing baby blankets as gifts for baby showers. For me, the act of giving something personalized and practical was my way of giving comfort to the people I love and care for. That love of giving began to mesh with my love for creating and designing, and soon I was branching out and making many different types of items, but they all share one common characteristic - they are made with the intention of offering comfort to those who need it. 

My hope for Fat Betty Knits is that it can help you comfort your loved ones by finding a meaningful gift to give, or that it can help you comfort yourself by finding an item that you can use and know it was made with love and compassion. Fat Betty Knits are little material reminders that we are all in this world together and while we're here we should love our closest people as much as we can.